About Us

EngineersChamber.com has been established to provide expert freelance engineers and engineering services in all engineering disciplines at your doorstep. We provide a one stop solution in providing engineering experts and all associated ancillary services from relevant experts as per your needs anytime and anywhere based on your requirement.

EngineersChamber.com a destination of freelance engineers of various engineering categories who are not directly employed by anyone: instead, they agree to do a specific piece of work for a certain price. For example, you might be hired to reduce the size of a circuit design, or to help out a team of permanent employees on a project.

EngineersChamber.com aims to provide engineers to work independently so that one can provide his/her expertise and get remunerated weekly, daily and even hourly basis where income is unlimited. On the other hand, one user can hire engineers or get their services as per their budget without any fixed cost or liability.

EngineersChamber.com where one can also advertise their Engineering Products, Companies or Job opprtunities which are free as well paid service with additional features. EngineersChamber also provides an unique opportunity where one can create their Personal Website within a few minutes. Another excellent feature of buying & selling industrial products. Buyers can post Ad asking their required service or product and at the same time, one can post Ad to sell their products.

How It Works?

Engineers Chamber is a bridge between Engineering Service seekers with Engineers. Engineers Chamber offers resources and tools by which any one can find the right engineers without any brain storming and waste of time. Skilled engineers can create an account and enlist themselves in their respective categories. Paid Engineers shall be highlighted specially for more contacts with service seekers. Engineering service seeker can find their required engineer and hire them instantly. Advertiser can advertise their products also in two positions on the homepage.

Search Engineers

Viewers or Service Seeker can search their required engineers from the concerned category as per their choice and contact immediately anytime or from anywhere without any hassle.>

Create an Account

Engineers can create their account through Sign up filling up the registration form. After creating account, log in with your ID and password. A dedicated dashboard will be there for uploading your Personal Detail, CV, Expertise, Consultation Fees etc. Engineers can edit also their detail time to time. One can upgrade their account from free to paid service with requisite fees for more clicks on their profile. Advertiser can also advertise their products online in similar way through Sign Up and subsequent Log In. After Log in upload your ad or banner with requisite charges.


Viewers or Service Seeker can join their hands with selected Engineers instantly to fulfil their respective purpose anytime, anywhere. Engineers Chamber is a single point solution of all engineering aspects.